Out on holidays, back soon


This story is about Your street on the Map. Your story within the pages of a Street Directory.

May it be a special street corner, a back lane, Your favourite park close by, Your suburb or Your beach to get away. Your narrative, made wearable. 

My excerpts out of Street Directories do not just chart the actual places of past and present, but they unlock memories and formulate meaning.

With this blog I would like to take You on some wanderings of mine through my large collection of Street Directories.

P1011810We will stroll down city streets, walk through inner city parks, get “lost” in the suburbs.

We will walk along the esplanade and take the track out to the headland.

Surely we will pack up, take to the roads,go up country and follow that narrow track along the creek. From here who knows.

As Maps tell us more about our journey than the actual destination, we better keep that finger on the Map.  

You can join my literal and philosophical wanderings right here on my Blog as well as on my facebook page.

If you would like to surprise with a special gift which holds a narrative, a personal story, please contact me.

Until next, up your alley