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Erwin Rohrl arrived in Australia about 25 years ago from Europe. It was his dream then to design and make jewellery using unusual materials, found objects, the unexpected.

“When I arrived on these shores, I carried a small box of treasures in my suitcase: watch parts, old buttons, bits and pieces of the discarded”. The journey began….

Within a few years his work could be seen in galleries and shops in Sydney and Melbourne. Publications in Craft Arts International opened up his work to a wider audience.

“ROADWORX has grown out of my passion of collecting vintage street directories. Slowly certain landmarks, creeks and rivers, beaches, headlands and streeets found their way into my work”. The idea to create jewellery with a strong narrative for men was born, jewellery that is telling stories of ones individual connection to a place.

Is it your favourite suburb, a certain street corner or a back lane? Is it the road you are living in, the place you met love, the local sports ground, public park or your favourite beach? Wear your story on your sleeve!

The Cufflinks

The cufflinks are made of sterling silver or if requested of rhodium plated sterling silver.

Most of the maps used are from street directories from the 60s and 70s. Every inlay of print is covered with a hand cut glass title, which creates a clear and lasting depth to the image.

Every pair comes with its own gift box.

A great unique corporate or wedding gift

A pair of Roadworx cufflinks are the ideal wedding present or surprise for your best man.

They also stand out as a corporate gift, as they can show the location, as well as the logo or name of a company or organisation on them.

For individual orders please contact me.

ROADWORX creator Erwin Rohrl